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Car Insurance Frequently Asked Questions
Our Frequently Asked Questions provide you with clear explanations to some of the knotty questions you may have, in order to help you make informed decisions. If you have further questions, please use our contact page to get in touch, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

How do I ensure that I have the right options in my policy?
At icomparemoney.com, you are able to compare different types of cover, extra add ons, options, and features of different products. On the result page, your options and extras are listed clearly.
You can filter by any specific criteria to narrow down your options. Check ”more data” to view more information about any policy before you choose your option.

How are quotes and prices determined and how frequently do they change?
Our search engine is regularly updated with real time quotes from providers. It may happen that you compare on different days and you get quotes of different prices for the same product.
The simple reason is that prices are determined by the service providers, and we provide the most up to date prices as at when you search. This implies that your quotes of yesterday may differ from what you get today.
Please be aware that there may be deals on offer at any particular time which may affect your quotes. You can also re-run your quotes when you sign in to your account.


Can I insure a car for a few months, or less than 12 months?
Occasionally, you may require car insurance for a limited period that is typically less than 12 months. There are some providers that provide such cover to meets your needs for that specific period, say 2 months or 4 months cover. We will endeavour to search the market for specific providers that offer such covers when you need it.

How long will my quote be valid for?
Your quote validity is determined by the provider and not icomparemoney.com. You may visit the insurer’s website directly from our site if you want to be certain about the validity of your quote.
Often times, you can re-run your previous quote by logging into your account. If you are happy with the quote we present to you with when you compare, you may purchase instantly to guarantee the price. The prices are
solely determined by product owners and insurance providers.

Can I compare multiple cars?
Some providers provide cover for multiple cars at a discounted price which will often work out cheaper individually. For now, icomparemoney.com does not provide comparison for multiple cars. However, we are looking at offering this service in the future.

Under your car insurance section, can your platform generate my full car details automatically?
This function is currently unavailable, but we aim to make it functional as soon as possible. For now, you can proceed to enter your car details manually, we’ll capture your information and provide the most suitable quotes for you.

How do I change my car insurance type from Third Party to Comprehensive and vice versa?
Choose the car insurance type (comprehensive, third party fire & theft and third party only) on the quote result page and refresh the quote for updated results.

Can I pay my premium on a monthly or annually?
Insurance premiums are typically based on standard 12 month annual payments. However, there are exceptions to the rule where some providers are more flexible about the payment terms, allowing you to pay monthly instead.
Be aware though, that sometimes, annual payments can be much cheaper than monthly payments. Depending on your budget, we’ll run you a quote, display providers that allow such options and let you decide the most suitable option.
There are also premiums computed based on insurance cover that is less than 12 months in special cases. Again, that will depend on what the provider will or will not allow.


If I cancel my policy, will I be charged?
Most insurance providers allow a cooling off period ranging between 7 days to 1 months after you’ve made your purchase. If you cancel within this cooling off period, they sometimes refund the whole premium or premium less an administrative charge.
However, if you cancel after your cooling off period, you will most likely be charged some admin fees computed on a pro-rata basis.

Will I be charged if I amend my policy?
This also depends on the policy of the provider. Some providers do charge an admin fee for any changes made after the cooling off period while some do not. Please check the terms and conditions of each policy before deciding for it.

Who will issue my policy documents?
Policy documents and related materials are issued directly by the providers. icomparemoney does not issue documents or is responsible for contents therein. Please contact the insurance provider directly for policy details.

In the case of claims, can I choose my own repairer?
Most insurance providers work with their approved repairers. However, some providers allow the policy holder to choose their own repairer. In this case, the cover is still intact and costs will be borne by the provider. Please check the terms and conditions of your policy for this information.