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Cash Flow Strategies for Personal Wealth Building

Cash flow strategies are imperative to be successful in building your personal wealth. The general population does not think about their personal wealth in terms of having multiple streams of cash flow. Typically, their only cash flow is their pay cheque, which is great, but hardly a means for building personal wealth for the majority of the population. Look at it this way, when you receive a pay cheque you are trading your time for money. Unless you own the company, you are giving your time to realise the dream of another person. You are basically building someone else’s cash flow and dreams. It’s quite possible you’ve never thought of it this way!

When you begin to think of cash flow strategies, you must adopt an “out of the box” mentality. Being in the box means depending on your paycheck to build your wealth or maybe even to just survive. Thinking out of the box means setting up cash flow strategy goals. Once you have these goals set you can begin working toward building cash flow and personal financial wealth with purpose and conviction to make them a reality.

The following three ideas are meant to get you started in planning your cash flow strategies. As you start planning cash flow strategies for your personal situations, you will begin to come up with your own ideas that apply to your life. It is very rewarding to work through this process especially when you start to see the fruits of your efforts.



Yes, budgeting! It is amazing how many people do not have a budget set up. It is imperative to have a budget so you know how you are spending your money. How many times have you had to wait for the next payday just to buy more groceries or other necessities? When you have a workable budget you are empowered to not only better manage your cash flow, but you train yourself to manage the financial wealth you are in the process of building. If you can’t take care of what you currently have, how do you expect to take care of future income?

Creating a budget is simple. Start out by keeping track of everything you spend for one week. After you have successfully kept track of one week’s spending, then keep track of two weeks. After that, keep track of one month’s spending. Now you can set up a monthly budget because you will know the spending for an entire month. After you have your monthly budget set up, implement the occasional spending such as car insurance, home maintenance, life insurance premiums, etc. Now that you have your budget set up, you must stick to it and keep yourself in budget.

Many people think that a budget is restricting, but the truth is that a budget is very freeing because you no longer have to worry about money. It is a sense of freedom that you will not know about until you are successfully working a budget.

Passive Income

Passive income is one of the cash flow strategies that appeals to everyone who truly understands its power. Passive income requires some investment of time and/or money at the start with the goal of letting that investment roll into something that makes money with little effort. For example if you bought a run down home, you could fix it up and create a rental property; a lot of time and money invested at the beginning with the payoff being years of rental income. Most people are not interested in renting property, but there are plenty of other opportunities to create passive cash flow such as:

Creating a business or product to sell
Investing in the Stock Market
Writing and publishing books
Online affiliate marketing

There is literally something for everyone; you just have to find your niche. Passive income is an excellent tool for your cash flow strategies plan.

A Solid Investing Strategy

The third idea you can use for creating your cash flow strategies plan is to begin a solid investment strategy based on a sound financial education. There are a few ways you can do this. Many people find the idea of learning about investing to be overwhelming so they stay away from it. However, I would like to encourage you to find someone who can explain investing to you in an easy to understand way. When I first started investing in one of my most productive cash flow strategies, I invested in an online stock trading course . This provided me with a mentor who held my hand the whole way until I fully understood this stock market strategy ( I actually sometimes still refer the odd question). Either way, you should educate yourself on the subject so you can make intelligent, informed decisions.

I hope these three cash flow strategies ideas will help you begin to take control of your financial life and building your own personal wealth. The fact that you are reading this article is a great first step. Taking the time to create cash flow strategies is a decision you will never regret because it gives you power over your life, and can literally change the way you live your life.

Dr Cash Flow is an investor who purchased and online stock market education and was able to go from novice investor to replacing his income within a six month period. He has become passionate about making others aware of how they can learn to reduce debt, invest and create their own secure financial future.

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