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When entering the property market for the first time the biggest hurdle for the most of us is finding lenders willing to give you a chance, this is why understanding what is a 203k loan is importnat. Lenders have little trust for first timers and can be depressingly strict when it comes to the amount […] Read more...

Purchase a Home

Lenders will examine your credit history, capacity, and collateral. Lenders will verify your employment for the past two years and try to predict how likely it is that you will keep your job. If you’re weak in one area, strength in the other two areas or in a spouse’s bona fides may compensate. Or you […] Read more...


Havingan emergency fund is a key component in attaining victory over yourfinances. As such, it’s important tostart one right away. Why Have An Emergency Fund? There are manybenefits to be gained by having an emergency fund, and no drawbacks. It may feellike a drawback while you’re putting in the extra effort to build the fund, […] Read more...

Investing History

As the author of this site, I thought readers might be interested in my personal investing history and how I eventually came to be a dividend growth investor.  I have always been interested in investing in the stock market but I wasn’t always sure of the best way to pick stocks.  Over the past 13 […] Read more...


Here are some basic rules that anyone who is considering investing should think about. 1)  Only start investing with extra money and have no debts This simple rule, if adhered to would save many people thousands of dollars.  Many people think about starting a savings account that pays 2% per year on their balance.  All the while, they are carrying credit card […] Read more...

Rent a Home

After hitting a record of almost 70% in 2005, home ownership in the United States has declined to about 67%.  In Canada, the home ownership rate is around 70%.  However, if you were to ask citizens of each nation, each would tell you a different story about whether you should purchase a home.  In the […] Read more...

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