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For many the concept of personal wealth is so far from their thinking that they never plan to have anything close to wealth. Their plan is to survive, pay bills, take some vacations and hopefully be able to retire some day. In fact the majority of a person’s life is spent working for money. What if we changed our thinking and started making our money work for us instead of us working for money? Would that alter the way you view your future?

Those who have great personal wealth have learned how to make money work for them. They understand that money must work for them, not the other way around. Personal financial wealth is only possible if you learn and implement this way of thinking into your everyday life.

Those of us who try to act righteous may pretend that money is no big deal; we’ll be fine no matter how much we have  it doesn’t matter. Well, let’s be realistic: it does matter! What if money became less of a burden and stress in your life? What if you learned to understand money  so well that you no longer had to wonder if you would be able to retire comfortably? You may even be in the position of wondering how you are going to buy groceries at the end of the month. All these worries can be a thing of the past if you start thinking differently about money. Money can become something you think about without stress – but with anticipation, creativeness and energy.

The following are simple, practical steps you can start immediately that will help you change your mind set about money and start you on the road to personal financial wealth, also known as financial freedom.


No, Actually, you Don’t Deserve it

I see a lot of people who feel they deserve certain  “treats” everyday because they work so hard. These treats add up quickly. If you stop off for a coffee and muffin every day before work or morning tea at $7.00 a day, you are spending $35.00 per week. Let’s say you work 48 weeks a year, that adds up to $1680.00 per year. 10 years of this puts you at $16800.00 for a muffin and a coffee every day. My point is you need to stop the thinking that you deserve to do this. Why don’t you start thinking, I may think I deserve this, but I am smarter than this; therefore I am going to bring my own breakfast from home and save a lot of money.

This is a simplistic example of the “entitlement” attitude, but you can apply it to anything in your life. Stop thinking about what you are entitled to and use that energy toward planning how you can put your money to work for you. Every purchase you make should be prefaced with the question, “Am I buying this because it is absolutely necessary or because I feel entitled to it?” Why is this so important? Because if you are just starting out on a personal financial wealth journey and are trying to change your thinking toward money, you will need to stop buying frivolous, unnecessary things. To successfully stop wasting money, you have to stop thinking you deserve these money wasters. Trust me: when you begin to say “no” to yourself, you will feel an incredible sense of empowerment. It’s worth it!

How Can I Build My Wealth?

Understand how the stock market works, the stock market is not just for rich people! There are plenty of people just like you and me who invest in the stock market every single day. Of course it can be very overwhelming to start with but there are many stock market lessons available to teach you what you need to know to get started in the stock market. Alternatively you can work with a broker or mentor, which is not a bad idea when you are first starting out because they can help to understand how the stock market works. When you feel comfortable you understand some proven strategies it is time to jump in and start.

Other than real estate, the stock market is an excellent long-term strategy for obtaining personal financial wealth. The trick is to not only invest long-term but also to learn how to generate cash flow from the market.

Dr Cash Flow is an investor who purchased and online stock market lesson and was able to go from novice investor to replacing his income within a six month period. He has become passionate about making others aware of how they can learn to reduce debt, invest and create their own secure financial future.

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