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Personal finance has been a part of the finance market since ages. In the earlier times it was carried out on informal basis. With the advent of modern accounting techniques and new strategies of financing, there has been an immense growth in the financing business. Many companies have put their foot into this arena and have set up a good business with substantial clientele. One such company is the Personal Finance Company in Indiana.Personal-Finance-Company-Indiana

About the Company

The company claims to serve its customers on a personal basis rather than a professional one. Customer satisfaction has been a prime motto for the company and it values the business of every client associated with it. The company was established in the year 1937 in Indiana and Illinois. It was taken over by the Securian Finance Group in the year 1971. The company continues to work as a personal financier and has progressed to establish its offices in Kentucky, Missouri and Tennessee as well.

Services provided

There are a number of financing schemes that are provided by the Personal Finance Company Indiana. The schemes are designed to suit the needs of all categories of clients and their varied monetary needs. Some of the financing schemes are as follows:

Personal Loans- Personal loans are provided for all kinds of purchasing like buying a boat, motorcycle or any other equipment. The client has the flexibility to set the payback period according to their wish.

Consolidated Loans- These loans are provided against debt of any kind. You can combine your credit card bill with the debt you have to get a consolidated amount and loan will be provided against this sum.

Appliance/ home furnishing financing- This financing deal with the expenses that one incurs while purchasing a new electronic equipment or furnishing/re-furnishing the house. It takes care of all expenses related to your house.


• Medical/Dental Financing- This financing scheme included providing money against medical facilities availed. It also covers the dental expenses of the client and his family.

Vacation loans- These loans are provided for travel. They cover all the travelling expenses along with the additional expenses that are incurred during the travel.

Back to School Loans- These loans are provided to meet the costs of tuitions fee, registration and book expenses.

Emergency Loan- this loan is provided against any kind of emergency that arises out of natural or accidental

Why Choose A Personal Finance Company?

There are many firms that provide all sorts of credit facilities but Personal Finance Company makes things possible in an efficient manner. The credit interest rates are such that they do not become a burden for the client. No matter how weak or strong one’s assets are, loans are provided to everyone based on their credibility. In this manner the company fulfils its long term objective of serving its clients with a personal touch. The company has a reputation in the market and has observed continuous growth over the years. As a result of this it has established many branches that serve with the same diligence.

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